Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Only 49 days till we fly! The kids only have 21 days of school left!

Why, oh why, do kit manufacturers insist on producing kits that only use 14 count aida? OK, I know a lot of people do actually like the stuff, but I personally know more people that don't than do. If the option to have a kit with evenweave was more widely available I would probably buy more kits because they're not very cost effective by the time I've swapped the fabric for something to my taste. I have a biggish pile of aida I've taken out of kits that I'll never use!

Anyway, here's today's update of Richard, minus aida Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I can't get a picture that really shows all the sparkle - there is gold, purple, lilac, red and blue metallic thread in that little bit already and it really is 'twinkly'. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I'm stitching it on a piece of SMF 'Luna' Belfast.


Faith Ann said...

What a cute little guy! It's fun to stitch something little and different every once in a while :)

I agree, I'd consider buying kits on occasion if I didn't have to replace the fabric in 90% of them.

Amy said...

Richard is such a cutie! And I know he looks better on your choice of fabric ;)

Btw, your Alhambra is absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I've seen a prettier one!

Anne said...

What beautiful work. I guess you will be busy packing soon, not long to go before you are in the land of hot, hot sun. Take plenty of sunscreen. Happy Stitching

Singular Stitches said...

So pretty!!

I totally agree about the aida in kits (I just NOT a kit person - except for Shepherds Bush). Some like aida, and I ever so once in a great while use it, but to me, it's like wearing jeans to a formal funtion. It works in some situations, but not in others...