Monday, March 06, 2006

My new WIP....anyone care to hazard a guess as to what it is? ;-)

Little Pete is off on a residential school trip tomorrow for two nights. I've been busy packing his bag for him this afternoon, and trying to squash my over-protective mothering instinct that doesn't want my baby sleeping away from home! LOL. Silly really, but he
is my baby, and he's never spent a night away from us before. He tends to be a bit young for his age so I hope he'll be alright.


Seahorse said...

I'd guess a Shepherds Bush Santa? ;)

Good luck with Little Pete being away {hugs}

Michelle said...

I was also going to say it looked like a Shepherd's bush. Or some kind of snowman possibly lol.

Gill said...

You're spot on with it being Shepherd's Bush - it's Peter's Stocking, and once little Pete saw a chart with his name on it me stitching it was as inevitable as the sun rising! LOL