Saturday, May 27, 2006

I've just spent most of the last 24 hours cutting out fabric shapes. I went into Spotlight yesterday and bought some fabric to have a go at patchwork, hence the mammoth cutting-out session..nothing too complex to begin with, just a simple quilt made of hexagons. Considering how much effort I've expended already I take my hat off to the ladies who produce the large, complex quilts! I may or may not show you the results - depending on how much of a disaster it is!! lol

It's been extremely wet here all day, but we braved the weather to collect a piece of furniture we ordered weeks ago when we bought the kitchen dining set...isn't this nifty?

It took ages to come because it had to come up from Sydney so had to wait until there was a delivery from there. When we opened the packaging we found they'd accidentally given us two, so being the honest people we are we phoned the shop to let them know and we'll drop the spare off next time we're passing.

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Danni said...

Great nifty piece of furniture. Good for you for informing them that they gave you 2 instead of one.
Hope we get to see your quilt when it is finished, I am sure it will turn out just fine.