Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lots more photos to show you today. Please don't think I'm trying to show off or anything, but I'm just so stoked to actually be living here that I just have to share!!

Lookee who I had visiting my garden this morning...

It's a Rosella (I think - feel free to correct me if you know otherwise! LOL) I hung a bird feeder on the washing line a few days ago and this morning I looked out to see this splendid fellow showing an interest. Sorry I couldn't get a more close up shot - this is max zoom on my camera and I couldn't get closer without going outside and scaring him off. The birdlife around here is amazing - without leaving my desk I get to see pelicans, black swans, egrets, rosellas, lorikeets, kookaburras and galahs! Oh, and bats in the evening, although obviously they don't qualify as 'birdlife'! LOL

As promised, here's a shot of the view during the day, this time from a slightly different angle because I just took it from my desk -

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And here's a shot of the pool...

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I promise that's it now for pics of the view! LOL

I've been working some more on the Papillon Mystery Sampler. This thing stitches up very quickly indeed!

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I've told Pete I want the Vikki Clayton silks for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow for my birthday. I'm dying to start it, and normally I would just buy them but until Pete starts working we have to take it easy with what we're spending so I've asked for them for my birthday present instead. Either the fabric for it will have to wait though, or else I'll have to stitch it on 28 count, in which case it will be huge, or over one on 25 count. *sigh* Decisions, decisions...should I wait till I can afford the 40 count linen, or go for one of the options above? What do you think? But don't feel too sorry for me though, eh? LOLOLOLOL


Nicki said...

I think that's a rosella too - we have them here (the same aussie ones), aren't they gorgeous!

HOHRH is such a big project I'd wait until you have the fabric you really want to use. There's no point starting on on something you're not 100% happy with :)

DonnaSews said...

Absolutely beautiful. You are blessed.

Your Forrest Goddess is just beautiful. Which linen did you use for this project? I have the pattern all kitted up, but I don't have any fabric.



Faith Ann said...

Oh my gosh, that view is gorgeous!!! Please keep sharing photos of your new home... I love seeing them!

natty68 said...

Ok I am jealous.. The nearest exotic bird I got to see was a greenfinch..I bet you dont miss the common old garden house

That view is gorgeous.

jymisgurl said...

Those are all beautiful pictures! I love the bird!

Danni said...

Love the photos of the views from your house. So glad you were able to find such a great spot to live.