Friday, June 16, 2006

I've managed a little more on Enchanted Mermaid, though I'm still not stitching very much. Too much time on the computer! LOL. I took this shot outside in an attempt to get the colours to look true, but the fabric still looks a bit 'flat' - I just can't seem to get an accurate picture.

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Oh, oh....I just checked the mailbox and my Judy Odell chart has come! It looks fantastic but I have to say, seven skeins of needle necessities floss at $6.50 a skein ain't cheap!


Christine said...

wow ! beautiful supendus arm !
the fabric is great ! The enchanted mermaid is one of my future projects... but when ?

Faith Ann said...

Even if you think the photo makes the fabric look flat, it looks pretty good to me!! It's a gorgeous colour!

Heather said...

What a beautiful picture.
I think she's stunning so far.

Perhaps you could get someone in the US to get the floss cheaper for you?

Singular Stitches said...