Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Somewhere, sometime, I heard about the concept of a quiet life....apparently, it's even normal for some people. I wouldn't know of course, never having had one.

It's all about to kick off yet again. Pete has been offered an awesome job - an opportunity we just have to take. So far, so good, right? The catch is.....the job is conditional upon us moving right away, because they don't want someone that has to commute a long way. *sigh* I can't believe that we're about to move house yet again, and so soon. This will make a total of five - count 'em - five houses we'll have lived in in the space of one year!!!!!

Anyway, we've spoken to our estate agent and they are sure they can find another tenant for this house quickly, because there was a lot of interest last time. That will release us from the lease. I will miss this house though, the sheer size and most of all the view. We went down to Sydney (well, Sydneyish LOL)househunting today, and did find one we liked. It has four bedrooms, aircon and a lovely pool. It also has a double garage which I suspect we'll need to store a lot of our stuff in. We've moved on short notice before - when Pete got the job at BAR Honda we had two weeks to find a place and move - so we know it can be done, but it's just such a hassle.

Well, wish us luck! If I'm a bit patchy posting, you'll know why.


Joyus said...

Congrats on Pete getting the job and I'm sure the move will go okay.

In fact, just look at it as potentially the last move for quite a while.

And the other bonus will be all the S.E.X. you can have once Pete's earning again...

Faith Ann said...

Well, that's fantastic news that Pete got such a great job!

I'm sorry that you have to leave your beautiful view though. I hope you love your next home just as much... and good luck getting everything moved/settled.


natty68 said...

Great news that Pete has landed this job, but sorry that you have to upsticks and move again.

Good luck with the move :)


M said...

"5 in ONE YEAR"??? OUCH!! Good Luck and Congrats.

I LOVE your Enchanted. She's Beautiful.

jymisgurl said...

Good news on the job! That's alot of moves. Hope everything goes good with this one! I'm gonna miss the beautiful pictures of your veiw! ;)

Singular Stitches said...

Great news about the job! Wow! Another move!! Lots of luck your way!

Sam said...

Congrats to Pete on the new job. I hope that everything works out ok with the move & ditto what Joy said about all that S.E.X..... ;o)