Monday, June 12, 2006

Thanks for all the lovely comments on CGF! :-) I'm pleased with how she turned out, but I'm very glad to have done with that interminable blue scarf! Actually, I had another little finish yesterday too - blimey, two in one weekend, I think that's a personal best! LOL. I can't show you yet though because it's for an exchange.

Today, as a break after my weekend of intense cross stitching, I made this little Ort Bag -

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The fabric on the outside is mock suede and inside is a pink toile kind of thing. It's OK, somewhat prettier than the jamjar I'm currently using as an ort jar anyway! LOL

I'm being uncharacteristically indecisive CGF is finally finished I can't decide what I want to stitch on next. My sensible head is saying work on one of my existing WIPs, but my impulsive head is saying 'start something new', these are my options -

Existing WIPs I Might Work On -

Chatelaine Egyptian Garden,
Chatelaine Misty Morning Vineyard
HAED Book of Ladies
Papillon Mystery Sampler
1820 Ann Hicks Sampler
Dimensions Wreath of All Seasons
...I think that's all that's in the WIP pile at the moment...

New Things I Might Start -

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow (I got some fabric for it - yay!)
WMN Alphabet Samplings Book
Mirabilia White Christmas (tempting, but I don't have all the doodabs for it yet, this one is my uber-impulsive head talking! LOL)
Mirabilia Stargazer
Mirabilia Enchanted Mermaid
Chatelaine Taj Mahal

Hmmm....what to do, what to do? In the meantime, my indecision means I'm not stitching at all. Now CGF is finished I don't have a Mira on the go at the moment, so I'm leaning towards one of them I think...Watch this space!

I just took this shot out of my window, and had to share....

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SheilaSpain said...

The big question is... do you want to make a start on HoHRH before VoHRH is out? :)
Or work on a Chatelaine WIP while you decide which new one to start.
Sorry, no help at all... but I'd probably start something new just for the fun of it :)

Faith Ann said...

That view is amazing!!

First of all, CGF is *stunning*. I have everything I need except the fabric to start her and I love the fabric you chose!

Secondly, your ORT bag is adorable!

Thirdly, you *need* to have a new Mirabilia project in your WIP pile!

Heather said...

For one of the WIP's I'd choose PC Mystery and the new start would be stargazer I think.

I've seen white Christmas done in purples and she's stunning that way.

jymisgurl said...

For a WIP, I vote for Misty Morning Vineyard, but for a new start I say Enchanted Mermaid. Alot of help I am! :)

Barbara said...

An adorable Ort bag, and a stunning snapshot from out of your window. WOW!

Sam said...

Lovely ort bag Gill :o) As for a new start... I would say start them all! ;oD