Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, Louise's teacher told us that she thinks Louise should go to the school for gifted children in Gosford. Unfortunately the entrance exams were last year - in other words, before we arrived. She's emailed the board responsible for admissions and explained the situation so we're waiting to hear what they say. Even if it's too late and we've missed the boat, she will be put in the advanced class in the regular high school, but it will be a pity if she misses out on the other one. I'll let you know what happens.

Go on - admit knew that a new start was as inevitable as the sun rising! LOL....and the winner is...Enchanted Mermaid. I've made a *very small* start on her, and I have to say the colours on the chart photo bear no relation at all to the colours IRL. Yet another example of why Mirabilia should sack the photographer! LOL. I picked a nice SW opalescent Solo to stitch her on which doesn't show very well in the photo, but which is soft turquoise and green shades and I think it will suit her well -

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In other news, I've been making beaded scissor fobs. Here are some of the results -

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The top one is pink and white freshwater pearls, cloisonne beads and pink crystals, the centre one is shell and black pearls, and the bottom one is swarovski crystal and cloisonne beads. What do you think?


Joyus said...

Well you already know I love the fobs Gill LOL

Congratulations to Louise, I really hope that things work out with the school.

natty68 said...

Wow Gill, I love the fobs - my favourite has to be the middle one though :) You must let me know if you are going to be taking orders for them :)

Congratulations to Louise :)


artystitches said...

Love the sissor fobs.

Yany said...

The fobs are lovely!!
Congratulations to Louise!!

Faith Ann said...

Oh... that is great news for Louise! I hope it all works out :)

I *knew* you'd have to start another Mirabilia project LOL