Sunday, September 17, 2006

I can't recall if I've mentioned it here, but over the last few months I've suffered a string of failures with my stitching equipment. First to go was my stitching lamp. Pete bought it for me last Christmas, but when we unpacked it and plugged it in, it blew every fuse in the house and has refused to work ever since. Although technically it was still under guarantee, he bought it in the UK and as we're now in Australia the guarantee is pretty much worthless. I've been managing with a cheapie halogen desk lamp. Next up was my Lowery stand. One night it suddenly refused to tighten enough to hold a frame, and when Pete took a look at it he said the tightening screw had worn and it would be a major undertaking to try and fix it, because of the way it's all welded together. I've got so used to having both hands free to stitch that it's been a total PITA not having it. Well, last night he finally presented me with my Lowery stand - all fixed - after a lot of effort and a certain amount of ingenuity on his part. And at this moment he's down in the garage working on my lamp - he reckons he can get it going again. Hooray for Pete - what a top bloke!!

In stitching news, I have to hang my head and confess to another new start, despite my best intentions of killing a few WIPs first. I'm so weak! LOL That's what happens when I start perusing my stash, see. This is a HAED Quick Stitch, Purple Dragon Fae. Quick being a relative term of course as the stitch count of this is still 100 x 104 of solid stitching! I think I'm getting back into a HAED groove, as I'm getting the urge to stitch on my full sized HAED again - Book of Ladies, which has been sadly neglected since we arrived in Oz. Actually, I have a few neglected WIPs which I'm starting to feel awfully guilty about. I think I'm going to have to get some kind of rotation going to deal with them all.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention...what's the deal with Beta Blogger? I've tried to comment on a few blogs that have gone Beta, and it won't let me! So if you're on Beta, I'm not ignoring you - honest!


Anonymous said...

I went Beta and now I have to annonymously comment on every non beta blog (I hope this is just a teething stage).

Wow Gill, love your progress on Purple dragon fae, she looks gorgeous already! I remember your book of ladies WIP and that was just beautiful too.

I've been tempted to start some new projects lately but the WIP pile I already have has managed to guilt me into staying on the straight and narrow. For now.

Pete sounds like a true champion and well worth keeping. Hope he manages to resurrect the lamp.


Concetta said...

Purple Dragon Fae is looking fabulous already... so detailed and pretty!! A QS is the only size of HAED I've ever attempted so far and that was traumatic enough for me... LOL...

Go your DH Pete... I agree with Cathy, he's definitely a keeper. :)

zoeandcooper said...

Wow, you got huge amount stitched on your Fae already. She is lovely!

You are lucky to have such a handy man for a hubby. Unless it is a computer, mine can't fix anything:)

jymisgurl said...

Your hubbie is a sweetie!
I haven't been able to comment on the Beta Blogs either. Hope they get that worked out!
You fae looks great!

Karoline said...

Congratulations to Pete on fixing your stand.

Your new start is looking lovely

Carol said...

Congrats on the wonderful DH!!

Pam said...

Wow, I can't believe how much you have done on your QS Haed already. I'm trying to be so good and not start anything new till I get my WIP's done, we'll see how well I can keep to that though, I have tonnes of stuff I want to start!

Yay for Pete, I don't think mine would be able to fix anything stitchy related, but if it's a computer we're all set LOL. I recently tried to start using my stand for the first time and I'm having a really hard time getting comfortable, I'll just have to keep trying I guess!

As for Beta Blogger, if they have the option where you can choose anon or other, you can post that way. I use "other" and enter my name and url for my blog and it links it just like it used to. If they only have "blogger" option though, you can't post, hope they get it fixed soon!

Faith Ann said...

You have so much done already!!

Glad your stitching tools are getting back in order... you're lucky that Pete is able to fix things for you! I'm sure I'd be trying to fix it myself (or I'd have to waste money on a new one).