Monday, September 04, 2006

Wow, where did the weekend go?? I'm sorry to say I didn't get in a single, solitary stitch all weekend. On Saturday we went out to lunch. It's our anniversary on Tuesday and since Pete's working we thought it would be nice to go somewhere this weekend instead. Only thing is, no sooner had we sat down and ordered our meal than Pete remembered he'd left the hosepipe running topping up the he had to dash home to turn it off! We had a nice meal though in the end, and even better, I didn't break my diet. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in Castle Hill, although we didn't manage to find a single thing we were looking for.

Yesterday was Father's Day in Oz, so we drove up to my parent's house for the day. We stopped at a mall near their house to buy a DVD we'd promised to get for little Pete but couldn't find on Saturday...and came away with a set-top box for the TV and 2 laptops!! I'd been admiring one for a while and yesterday it was on special offer. So Pete asked for an even bigger discount if we bought two, and they said now I have a lovely new laptop and Pete has one to take away with him when he travels. My new one is twice as powerful as my old machine, and has a lovely LCD screen and a built-in webcam, and it has this weird multi-screen option.

We did (finally) arrive at my parents place, and my lil' bro was there with his new girlfriend who seemed very nice. She's Slovakian and I think she was a bit overwhelmed at times by my noisy family. Her English is OK but when everyone's talking at once it's probably a bit hard to keep up when English is your second language. My older bro was there too with his family, and we all had a barbecue outside.

As I mentioned earlier, I managed to stick to my diet all weekend despite all the eating out. I got on the scales last night to find I've now lost a whole stone (14lb/6.35kg) in the last 3 weeks! I'm feeling really pleased with myself, and Pete says he can really see the difference. Unfortunately I've still got quite a bit to go. I do feel better in myself, and my clothes are beginning to look better on me too!

I've put the cows I've completed so far into an album - cows album which I'll update as I receive them/stitch them. I spent ages in the fabric shop on Saturday looking at different ideas to use for my quilt!


Faith Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! (a bit early) and congrats on the weight loss!

Those cows are *adorable*!!

Jenn said...

The cows are so cute. Who does them?

Sounds like you had a nice early anniversary dinner and fathers day.

Joyus said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on the weight loss :D

Lisa said...

Your cows are really cute!

Congratulations on your weight loss and Happy Anniversary for tomorrow :o)

jymisgurl said...

Happy anniversary and congrats on your weight loss! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. You cows look great! Could you tell me who designed your Henry VIII? I have to have it!

Yany said...

Congratulations Gill, for your weight loss and for you anniversary!!!