Sunday, October 22, 2006

We've just had the best weekend! We decided at the eleventh hour to make a weekend of our trip to the mountains. We drove up to Katoomba on Saturday morning, it took less than an hour to drive there so we found ourselves with plenty of time despite our less than early start. We took the walk down to the Three Sisters (top photo - seen from the Skyway cablecar), and then had to walk back up about a million steps....I thought I was going to die! Talk about jelly legs LOL. We then took a ride on the Skyway across the valley - there's a glass bottom to the cablecar so it looks like there's nothing between you and the valley floor hundreds of feet below! After that we went down into the valley on the World's Steepest Incline Railway, which for some reason little Pete was convinced was called Neville the was a little bit scary - when you get in all the seats lean back and you put your feet on the front, because if you sat upright you would fall out!

We also drove by the house I lived in when I was about six years old, and that was quite sad because it has been very neglected and looks in a sorry state. It's such a shame because it was a lovely house. I wasn't sure I would recognise it as I haven't seen it since we moved out, but I knew it the instant I saw it and so many forgotten memories came flooding back. If I ever came into money I would like to buy it and fix it up.

Oh...and Pete bought me the most beautiful pair of opal earrings - just because I said I liked them!

Late in the afternoon we drove down to Jenolan Caves and stayed in Jenolan House Hotel overnight. The road down there was awful - narrow and twisty with lots of blind bends around rock faces, and part of the road had fallen away down the mountain at one point! We had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant, and then this morning we went on a tour of two of the caves. And there were more steps - hundreds and hundreds of them! They were without a doubt the most spectacular caves I've ever seen. Most of my photos are a bit blurry,

and you can't really get any idea from a photo anyway. These two aren't bad - Pete's got some better ones on the videocam but he hasn't downloaded them yet. The bottom pic is called the Angel's Wing and is in a cave called Temple of Baal, and the other is the Broken Column in Lucas Cave. We might go again another day because there are another 7 caves we didn't have time to see (and I'm not sure my legs could have stood any more steps!) and they really are breathtaking. I think I'll wait until my legs have recovered though, because boy do they ache!!

And after all that I never got time to visit the local LNS, Dragonfly Dreams! Never mind...I'm sure we'll be back. I really love the Blue Mountains and would move there in a heartbeat if Pete could find work there. Unfortunately that's very unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! Nature sometimes can be incredible. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

Maree said...

Lovely pictures! Isn't it good to get away?

Alison said...

Gill, I can't believe you didn't get to DFD! You are certainly braver than I going on that Skyway thingie..I've never been on it & don't intend to ever do so! LOL

Junette said...

That was a fun weekend, Gill. We went on the Skyway and the railway last year. That railway ranks as one of the scariest rides I have ever been on. I think I would rather do the Big Dipper at Luna Park again.

Those pics are really good.

Shame you didn't get to DD. Better luck next time.