Saturday, December 16, 2006

I must's been another week since my last update. My only excuse is that I'm feeling hugely stressed out at the moment. In the last week I've suddenly found myself coming under a lot of pressure from my family to travel up to my parent's for Christmas, which would be OK except for the fact that with holiday traffic we could be looking at a 2-3 hour trip each way, and we can't stay over because they will already have a full house. So I'm ending up feeling like the villain of the piece for spoiling their plans (even though they've only just made them) because I don't feel it's fair to make the kids spend half of Christmas Day sitting in the car. It's not even as if we won't see each other over the holiday period because I've said all along we'll go up on Boxing Day (even though the traffic will be just as bad if not worse), but apparently that isn't good enough. Everyone else will be there, even though everyone else either lives locally or is staying over, and I'm a spoilsport for ruining it all.

Add into the mix the million and one things we need to organise for our impending house move, and the fact that it now looks highly unlikely that my Christmas present (Pompeii Garden kit) will arrive in time because they're still awaiting a delivery of NPIs, and post from the USA usually takes over a week, and you might guess I'm feeling pretty crappy and stressy at the moment.

Anyway, enough moaning. To console myself - a new start. I hadn't intended it but I felt I needed it. This is Janlynn's 'Summer Sampler', which I'm going to customise a little to make it more Aussie. I swapped the aida in the kit for a piece of Belfast I dyed myself. It looks a little distorted in the photo because it's still on the Qsnaps and they're pulling it slightly out of shape. I like this series - I also have Spring and Winter samplers, and I'll probably get Autumn in the new year.
I've also been making my Crystal Christmas into a hanging - I stitched this years ago, but when framing money is available I tend to go for pieces that will hang all year instead of seasonal ones so this has languished in a cupboard until now. It isn't quite finished - I'm waiting for Pete to drill some holes in the dowel rod for the cord to go through, and then it won't bunch the fabric up like it is in the picture. I tied it on temporarily just to show you what I've been doing.
Thanks Michelle for the tip re the pics - it's seems to have more or less worked!


Michelle said...

Your Crystal Christmas is Beautiful Gill! Wow.

re: Beta, just grab 'em and move 'em is what I do. Click on the pic you want and if you want it on the right of the paragraph you're working on position your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and BOOP. There it is. At least that's how I move mine. I'm sure someone MUCH more savvy than I has a better way, but until I read it elsewhere, this is what I do. :o)
You can also click on the "Edit HTML" tab on the template and fix the position from there.

Anyway, lovely stitching as always. :o)

Sam said...

Lovely new start Gill! And what a great idea for your Crystal Christmas. I'm sorry to hear about the pressure you're under about Christmas - lots of {{{hugs}}} and I hope that your family will be more understanding of the situation.

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

CC is just stunning! You did a great job finishing it:)

Anonymous said...

CC is absolutely wonderful - WOW!!


Rava said...

Hey Gill,

Firstly {{{hugs}}} Christmas can be such a stressful time cant it? My family and I are kindof in the same boat as you - for the last 8 years we have run around from place to place to fit in with both our families, and to smooth ruffled feathers. This year we finally said enough is enough, we are spending Xmas at home - and my goodness the flack that we received from that! But you know what - too bad! We are our own family and we have a right to spend the day relaxing and enjoying it with our kids - instead of rushing off here and there, having little or no time to share the kids excitment for it just being Xmas.

Im crossing my fingers for you in regards to Pompeji! and as soon as I hear anything back from Cindy, in regards to the NPI's I will let you know.

Hang in there gorgeous girl!

Retta said...

The joy of the holidays = stress *sigh* only a few more days and it'll all be over with! :)

Your Crystal Christmas hanging looks great! :)