Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pompeji Garden - first WIP pic
I tried to upload the first WIP picture of my Pompeji Garden, but Blogger won't cooperate so I've had to resort to on the thumbnail to see it better. I'm really glad I chose the Dk Teal Green fabric, I think the colours really pop on it. Pity you can't see the sparkle from the metallics in the photo though. I haven't had as much time to, I mean stitch on it as I would like because we've started packing ready for our move.

Well, the clock is ticking down towards the New Year...time to look back at my progress for 2006 I think. It's been an often stressful, very unsettled but also exhilarating year - we've moved around the globe once and lived at four separate addresses, and are on the brink of moving yet again, although this time finally into a house of our own again at last. I'm so happy to be home in Australia once again though. Taking all of this into account I think I've had a pretty productive year stitching-wise. These are my finishes for 2006 -

Mirabilia Rose of Sharon
Lanarte Classic Woman - finished as a pillow
Chatelaine Alhambra Garden
MVS Twinkle Twilight Richard
Mirabilia Villa Mirabilia (portion) for Laura's quilt
Something In Common Woodland Sampler
Shepherd's Bush Peter's Stocking
With My Needle Bunnies in the Garden Needlebook
Mirabilia Forest Goddess
My Own Design Long Leggetty Beasties Needlebook
Indigo Rose Mary's Pyn Pillow
Mirabilia Cottage Garden Fairy
Mirabilia Enchanted Mermaid
Shepherd's Bush Shepherd's Heart
HAED Purple Dragon Fae
Shepherd's Bush Tina's Stocking
LHN N is for Needle (finished as a needlebook)
Sue Cook Gingerbread Cottage
Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler,
a Fish Needlebook - I've forgotten who designed it,
Blue Ribbon A Crowned Heart needlebook
and several cows from the French freebie site.

Also this year I tried my hand at several simple quilting projects and am pretty pleased with the results.

I'm ending the year with a few more WIPs than I wanted to - namely

Mira Stargazer, PR The Night, Chatelaine Misty Morning Vineyard, Egyptian and Pompeji Gardens, TW Camelot Sampler, and Janlynn Summer Sampler that's 7 active WIPs, but they're all pieces I'm enjoying stitching on so I'm quite happy with that.

Looking ahead, I want to try to stitch some smaller, faster pieces again so I don't get bogged down with huge WIPs. That was quite a successful strategy this year so I'll stick with it. I want to try to catch up and keep up with Pompeji Garden - this is the first time I've been signed up for one of the online classes while it was still running (Egyptian doesn't count because I just downloaded the whole chart in one bite-sized portion). I also want to make up the cow quilt early in the new year - as soon as we get settled into the new house really.

And finally, my resolutions for the year ahead...
1. Don't move house!!! LOL
2. Find a way to keep Claude (the cat) out of my new craft room. I was packing up my sewing stuff this afternoon and had to remove so much cat hair from my sewing machine it's a wonder there's any left on the cat! ROTFLMAO


jymisgurl said...

Those are some wonderful accomplishments! Good luck witht the move!
PS Cats seem to be magnetically drawn to craft rooms, I can't explain, but my mom has to keep the door to hers shut all the time, and my cat constantly gets into my craft drawers if I leave them open! ;)

Alison said...

Great list, Gill. You've done well especially with all your moving!

I've discovered that hard covers do not keep dust/dirt/cat hair off your sewing machine. I now use a hard cover PLUS a quilted soft cover that I made. Much better! There's another project for you next year. LOL.

Von said...

Wow, Gill, you've had quite a month with buying a house, ear infection, falling, and Christmas stuff on top. Hope you've had a few days of laziness to catch up on some sleep! You've managed to get in some stitching which is more than I can say for myself, lol!

Your stitching plan for the New Year sounds great. And once you're all settled into your new craft room, please do post some pics!!

Hugs and Best Wishes for a wonderful 2007. :)

Jacqui said...

Just one question. In your profile it says you live in Sydney WESTERN Australia...isn't Sydney on the East Coast? Not that I'm being picky or anything...LOL.

Carol said...

I agree - the dark teal is perfect for PG!!

Wow, you really got a lot done in 2006, especially since you did move around so much! I will have to remember to get your new address soon, will email you, as I have a PIF gift to make for you :-)

Happy New Year Gill!!

Gill said...

Jacqui, you had me confused for a minute...LOL. It actually says western Sydney, Australia, not Sydney, Western Australia ;-)

Sam said...

Wow! What a year you've had Gill. I hope that 2007 is a great one for you in your lovely new home :o)

I love your new Pompeji Garden - its going to look fabulous on dark teal, the colours really pop & I can see some sparkly! ;o)