Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A bit of Summer Sampler today. This corner seemed to take a disproportionate amount of time. I thought I could stitch that postcard or sticker or whatever it's supposed to be in a day or so but it took all of the long weekend!

I think my migrainous reaction to chocolate is getting worse....all I had yesterday was a teeny sprinkle of chocolate powder on a cappuccino and I spent yesterday evening/last night feeling like someone had rammed a rusty iron spike through my head. I used to be able to get away with that but it seems that I won't even have that pathetically small choc fix any longer. *sigh* It was the worst migraine I've had in years - since I identified my triggers in fact, and it's just not worth it for sprinkles on a cappuccino.

We did have a nice day before that though...it was a sunny, warm winter's afternoon so we took a picnic lunch to the botanic gardens. We walked round one of the lakes and followed some of the woodland paths and the kids looked for wildlife. Apart from some animal tracks all we saw were waterfowl, birds and the biggest, meanest looking ants I've ever seen! We wound up drinking the now infamous cappuccinos while sitting on the cafe terrace watching little Pete in the play area.

A little news on the fender bender...I had a phone call from the old guy's insurer, asking for my side of the story. I told them what happened, ie - we'd both reversed and banged together on the road, and they were somewhat surprised, because he'd told them his car was parked on his drive and he wasn't even in it!!! I can't believe he told such a bare-faced lie! But that's me...I always expect the best of people and am always surprised when they behave badly. Naive I guess. Anyway, they asked me if I would accept responsibility for the accident and I said categorically NO, so as there were no independent witnesses (Louise witnessed it but she's not unbiased) it's my word against his and each side will be responsible for the damage to their own car. We've already replaced our broken light and Pete managed to T-cut most of the paint damage, so what's left is very minor.

Anyway...As I've done so well this month, with 2 big finishes, I think a new start is in order!


Melanie said...

So sorry about the insurance news Gill. I was a little concerned from your original story that this might happen. So lucky you have minimum damage, but it does still suck. My faith in human behaviour was a little rocked by my own similar experience. Did you offer to show the insurance co. the photographs? That might make it a little clearer he is not telling the truth.

cathymk said...

The summer sampler is looking gorgeous Gill!

My Aunt has the same issues with chocolate I don't think she's had any for years. Hope you are better now.

Sally said...

Love your WIP on Summer Sampler.

Sorry to hear about the problems with insurance. We had a similar thing a couple of years ago where the lad who ran us off the road told the insurance it was my DH's fault and even had somebody who lived at the same address as him falsify a witness statement but luckily we had an independant witness., It still took nearly a year to sort though and he only backed down when he was threatened with court action.

Carla said...

I can't believe he told them he was not in his car!!!
Summer Sampler is looking great!

Kathy said...

What a horrible person he is, for telling a lie like that.

Hope your migraine gets better soon hun.

Wow your Summer Sampler looks fantastic, I am looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Kathy said...

Forgot to say I love your lovely new look to your blog its just stunning.

Hugs xxxx

Michelle said...

Your Summer Sampler is looking so pretty! Congrats on getting another part of it completed.

Jules said...

Love the new-look blog. Summer Samplers is lovely, must be great fun to stitch. x

sugardoll said...


That's awful! And i thought chocolate is like one of the best things in life that taste better than sex. LOL Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog and for taking the time to find out about the fabby you used on Cut Thru Igloo. Have a lovely day!

Lisa said...

Summer Sampler is looking great :)

Like your new blog theme :)

Ruth said...

Gill -- I'm sorry about your neighbor. How annoying! I hope his car costs much more paina nd suffering to fix than yours! :-P

Thanks for dropping by my blog -- I find yours inspiring. Lord knows I'd not tackle your summer sampler! good luck!!

Name: Vicki said...

I can certainly sympathize with you about the migraines. I have them, too. Luckily, mine are not triggered by chocolate. Spices and certain smells trigger mine. Really like And a Forest Grew! And your summer sampler really looks great! Have a happy day!