Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thanks for the good wishes everyone, they mean a lot. I'm very anxious at the moment, aa I'm sure you can imagine.

Today was Father's Day here in Australia. We didn't go up to my parent's because we were only up there a couple of days ago, and we took Dad's card and pressie then. I spoke to Dad on the phone this morning - they were supposed to be having lunch with my older brother and his family, but true to form SIL started messing everyone around so in the end they didn't go. I could go into a major rant about my SIL from hell at this point, but I'll spare you that!

We decided to go out for the afternoon instead of sitting around the house all day, so we drove down to Wollongong. The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm, so we took the kids to the beach....(edited to re-upload the photos for those that couldn't see them or for whom they wouldn't enlarge)


Aussie Stitcher said...

We have been having some lovely weather also, isn't it nice to be able to thaw out.


chiloe said...

It is sometimes nice to go out and see something different (like my husband says ;-)) it's great you had a nice weather. I didn't see the pictures: am I the only one having a red cross instead?

Yany said...

Great pics Gill, thanks for sharing!! ah, I couldn't see the larger version either :(
I'm sorry the news about your Dad, I hope you'll get good news on Monday.
Hugs and kisses from Mexico

Name: Vicki said...

Book of Ladies is gorgeous! I can't imagine tacking a project like that! I'm really impressed! Your pictures at the beach are beautiful! What happy memories you will have!! Have a great day!

Faith Ann said...

Oh, so you have one of *those* SILs. I think every family has one!

Looks like a lovely day at the beach!!

Juls said...

(((hugs)))) I am thinking and sending good thoughts your way!!! We all have a SIL like that unfortunately!

Sally said...

Lovely pictures Gill.

I hope it went OK today for your Dad {{{{hugs}}}}

sugardoll said...

That is so cool, i missed going to the beach, and being able to dip in. We went to the beach here near where we live, the weather is like an oven and yet the water is like ice water.LOL

Your DD (except maybe for the hair color) is a photocopy of you. Really pretty. Love the rock photo of your little boy, Wow! I've never seen so much rock formation in my lifetime. Great piccies!! =)

Joyus said...

Sympathy re your SIL - you know all about mine so you know I understand.

Your kids look wonderful and Sugardoll was right, your DD is the image of you!