Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm trying hard to work through my pile of neglected wips at the moment, so here is my latest pic of Cirque Des Cercles....everything up the far right is new.

Rachel and Olenka have both very kindly given my blog an award - thank you both so much, I'm really flattered!

Now according to the rules I have to nominate 7 blogs for this award. I'm going to cheat a bit and award the same 7 for both, else I'll be here all day...LOL. It's a tough choice though because there are so many fabulous bloggers out there...

Whew..that was harder than I thought!

I've been sucked into participating in the over-one SAL on the Mirabilia Stitcher's board...I'll be stitching Scent of Old Roses on SMF Winter Meadow. Oh noes...what have I let myself in for??? LOL Come and join us if you're up for it!


Andie said...

Your CDC is looking fantastic! Would you believe I have been talked into stitching it again? LOL

Faith Ann said...

CDC looks awesome!! I really need to get back to my neglected WIPs (and stitching in general).

Are you stitching Scent of Old Roses *entirely* over 1? or just the sections of skin? Regardless, that's an ambitious task.

Scully said...

Gill it is looking really fab so far. You have chosen a great colour :)

Sally said...

Your Cirque looks stunning Gill!

Thank you so much for the award! Next time I blog I'll add it to my post:)

Kajsa said...

Your CDC is so pretty. And your Mirabilia Fairy turned out beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Cirque is stunning Gill, can't wait to see it finished.

Please stop by my blog and pick up an award :)

Doris said...

amazing Cirque Des Cercles, look so great in the dark fabric.