Thursday, September 03, 2009

Let a single teardrop roll down the cheeks of time... Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote of the Taj Mahal. I've always thought it was a beautiful line so as I'm currently working on the Taj I thought I would share it.

I'm so in love with this design, I can't tell you. The more I stitch on it the more I adore it. I started it as a SAL and as I've discovered, SALs and I do not get along. If I have an obligation to stitch on something on a particular day, you can bet your last buck I won't want to do it. So the Taj got put aside. But it shouldn't have been, because this has to be one of Martina's most beautiful designs. I'm using the recommended Ray of Light Belfast, and the silks just glow on it. I've said it before and I'll doubtless say it again, but it has never been more true than with this piece - the photos do not do it justice. At all. The colours are simply scrumptious.

Anyway, enough babbling - photos. Here's where it was when I picked it up -

and here's where I'm at, although I'm not ready to put it down again just yet. As you can see, I frogged the scroll work in the frame around the Taj itself - I decided I liked it better without. The photos are rubbish, took 'em in artificial light and the flash washed a lot of the colours out. Next update I'll try to get a better shot.


Lana said...

VERY nice!!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...


Daffycat said...

Oooo,'s sooo pretty!

Name: Vicki said...

Taj is absolutely gorgeous! Your work is impressive! Have a great day!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous Stitching alround Gill.

Happy Anniversary too. Good to see you back blogging, have missed ya hun

Hugs xxxx

Faith Ann said...

What a gorgeous piece... I don't think I've ever seen it before!

Congrats on your new home... I hope you're all settled and enjoying it!