Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still no sign of Chequers...he's been missing 3 nights now. I'm getting really worried about him. Ringo is missing his pal too, and sits staring out of the window waiting for him... :(

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by my WIPs lately...I have so many big projects on the go with no end in sight for any of them. So I decided to start something smaller, something cute and fun...I will be extremely surprised if anyone guesses this one correctly -

Stitched on a pink opalescent SW Solo.

In other news, much of my weekend time has been eaten up with helping Pete to dismantle the, 'thing' at the back of the house. I'm not quite sure what to call it - it started life as a pergola, but some previous owner roofed it over with mismatched oddments of corrugated green fibreglass, and filled in the sides with old doors and bits of plastic sheeting. The whole thing was rotten through and through and leaked like a tap whenever it rained, so we decided down it had to come and we'll be replacing it with a nice verandah.

This is how it looked before we started work - (note the plants actually hide a lot of the horribleness)

That's astroturf on the floor - mouldy and faded and generally yeuch...we decided to keep the fountain but we've moved it further into a corner. It's so heavy we had to use an engine hoist!

Here's Pete most of the way through dismantling it...

And here's how it is at the moment (we left'railings' for the moment to stop Suki accidentally going over the edge - there's a 4 foot drop to the terrace)

And when it's finally done, it will look something like this (except the posts on ours are cream. The gutters are still red)

Ours is 7 x 8 metres though...we had to lug it all from the front lawn where the delivery men left it all the way through the garage to the back. You wouldn't believe how heavy those roofing sheets are, let alone the roof beams!

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