Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A start on Quaker Diamonds

As promised, here's my start on Quaker Diamonds, stitched in HDF silks on Stitches & Spice 'Celtic'. I'm loving stitching this - it's hard to put it down to go to bed/work/eat. I'm really into samplers right now and I'm a big fan of some of these Rosewood manor charts.

The silks are delicious and so easy to stitch with. I might stitch all my samplers with them from now on!

You may or may not know I had a promotion and transfer at work recently. I started at my new site a couple of days ago, and so far it's going really well although there was a lot of clearing up of stuff my predecessor had left undone. Two more shifts to go and then I have five days off for Christmas!


Rachel said...

It looks great, Gill!! I can't wait to see it grow. :)

Valentina said...

It's really beautiful! Can't wait to see it grow too!

Lana said...

Looks great! And welcome back tot he blogosphere!!!

Rebekka said...

Hi Gill,

Congratulations on your work promotion. Glad to hear all is well with you. I'm so glad you've decided to update your blog again! I've missed your posts. I really should dust off my sorry blog, too.

I haven't tried HDF before, but they look lovely on your Quaker Diamonds.

I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, Gill.