Thursday, January 19, 2012

An update, and some stash

Still plugging away at Froth and Bubble - I seem to have slipped into being a One At A Timer! This is a fun piece to stitch, and pretty quick too, as once the outlines are done I don't even have to look at the chart for most o the motifs.

More new stash - a couple of charts and the NPIs for Ann Dale. I just love that chart for Sergei. I think I might start him after I finish F&B. And I'm finding it hard to resist starting Nicola Sabiel too...I suspect another new start might be looming on my horizon!


Sally said...

Lovely progress on Froth and Bubble Gill.

Love your new stash. I think everyone has fallen in love with Sergei :)

Valentina said...

You're making great progresses on Froth and Bubble, really nice.