Monday, September 03, 2012

I've been pushing on with Enchanted Fairy, whenever I get the time anyway. In between work (which has been kind of stressful lately) and garden work (the previous owner of our house liked to plant things. But she didn't know when to stop. The back garden is huge and jungle like...seriously, this woman even planted in next door's garden and the reserve at the back! And of course now it's all overgrown. Cutting it all back is a huge, huge job.) Aaaanyway, in between these two leviathan time-sucks, I've been working on the fairy. This pic is a better representation of the fabric colour because it was taken in natural light instead of taking my pics at midnight like I usually end up doing!
Also! Stash in the mail! Which is always fun, but I haven't done it much lately. I was browsing through wips and happy dances online, and came across a bunch of Passione Ricamos. I've always quite liked them, and I've stitched a couple, but seeing these designs stitched up blew me away...they are sooo much nicer in real life than on the chart pics! So sparkly and pretty! So I caved and ordered some, and started Enchanted in the meantime because I already had the chart for her. I might get a couple more when I get paid.

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Karen said...

I love the colors coming in on her skirt! She is fabulous, and you're right, seeing other people's WIPs and finishes on PRs really make one want to dive in!

Great choices on the new charts. I love them all.