Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The new Mirabilia has been released, and I really like her! She's called At The Met, and I've got my order in already with the Stitch Menagerie for her and all her bumf. I think she'll deffo be started pretty much as soon as I can get my hands on her!

In the meantime, after finishing Bois Le Duc I decided to pull out my poor, unfinished RR. Some of you may know this story, but for anyone who doesn't...

I signed up for this Mirabilia RR on Facebook. It was organised into small groups - just four people in each, so the RRs would be quite small but would not take too long. We all chose our themes and stitched the first panel and then sent them off to the next least, most of us did. The woman who was supposed to send hers to me first made an excuse saying she was a bit behind, but she would definitely be sending it out in the next couple of weeks. So I waited. Nothing arrived. So I contacted her again...another excuse.
 The time rolled around to send on the next piece, and I notified the moderator that I hadn't actually received one so had nothing to send. She said don't worry, sometimes people fall behind. But now I was due two pieces - hers, and the one she had been sent in the first round. She assured me she would be sending them soon. Again, nothing happened. And then it was time to send the next round. I still had nothing.
Not just alarm bells, but a klaxon was sounding at this point. She now had two people's RRs and had not sent out one of her own. The moderator tried a number of times to contact her with no success. An Internet friend who knew her slightly offered to go around to her house, but turned out she'd moved. My piece got sent back to me. I was the only one in the group who got my RR back, albeit unfinished.

Anyway, fast forward to last night, and I decided the time was nigh for this to be finished. I spent some  time going through all my charts considering what to put in there...some were just too big, or whatever. I finally decided I'm going to put Villa Mirabilia in the vacant spot. Progress picture coming soon!

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Miamina said...

I love the new Mirabilia design! I bet you can't wait to get the bit s to stitch her!

Sorry that the RR didn't go so well, although you are very lucky that you managed to receive yours back. It will look beautiful when you get that last lady stitched!