Saturday, February 06, 2016

Here I am on the first day of my annual leave - woohoo! No, we're not going away, we are going to try and finish the outstanding work on the house so we can get it on the market...and finally get things moving. The caravan is going this weekend - the dealer we bought it from is going to sell it on our behalf and apparently there are already several people interested. I'm sorry to see it go but it would be ridiculously un-cost-effective to take it with us. Hopefully the house won't take too long to sell because I'm ready to go now.

I'm pleased to say my stitching mojo is still alive and well although largely focussed on finishing my several Chatelaine wips. I've just about finished this corner of Romantic Rose Garden -

I received a package yesterday from Virtual yarns. This is going to be my magnum opus this year. I'm not going to start just yet because I want to finish up some other projects first (not least of which is a poncho for my granddaughter I'm halfway through) and we've also got the move back to the UK in there somewhere as well, but I WILL tackle it this year. I might not finish it this year, but I'll definitely start it. The design is Alice Starmore's 'Henry VIII' and it will be my first attempt at steeking - which might be better named 'eeking' hahaha (for anyone who doesn't know, steeking is knitting it in the round without armholes or anything, and then cutting it open with scissors before picking up stitches around the hole to knit the sleeves! Gulp!)

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Suz said...

I'm still really excited about that gorgeous sweater.

Good luck on the house-sell! :)